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Make your office irresistible  

At Reset, we help organizations with their back to office strategy by focusing on rebuilding connections among their teams.

Our Story

Since 2015, our organization has been dedicated to tackling the pressing issue of disconnection. Through innovative and contemporary solutions, we have consistently strived to bridge the gap and foster stronger connections. Our extensive experience positions us as an excellent choice for collaborating on return-to-office strategies, particularly within organizations that embrace forward-thinking visions of the future of work. We understand the nuances of such environments and are adept at tailoring strategies that align with your unique aspirations, ensuring a seamless transition back to the office while nurturing a cohesive and future-oriented workspace.

What We Offer

Consulting &  Coaching

We are dedicated to empowering organizations with the knowledge and tools needed to craft irresistible and productive office spaces. Through our guidance, we ensure that these spaces transcend mere functionality, becoming hubs of creativity and collaboration. We achieve this by strategically incorporating elements of play and leisure into the office environment, recognizing the value of engaging breaks in boosting productivity and overall job satisfaction.

As we delve into return-to-office strategies, our insights focus not only on the logistics of the transition but also on the emotional well-being of employees. We understand that reintegration can be challenging, and our approach encompasses mental care considerations that promote smooth and positive experiences. 


"How to Make Your Office Irresistible" is intended for leaders in organization seeking strategies and principles behind transforming traditional workspaces into vibrant and engaging environments. In this presentation, we delve into the importance of designing offices that go beyond functionality, focusing on creating spaces that foster creativity, collaboration, and overall well-being. By integrating elements that cater to diverse work styles, incorporating elements of leisure and relaxation, and optimizing the physical layout for enhanced interaction, attendees will gain valuable insights on reimagining their office spaces. Moreover, the speech demonstrates how this transformation aligns seamlessly with the challenges of returning to the office, as it not only addresses the practical aspects of reintegration but also instills a sense of excitement and purpose, ultimately promoting smoother transitions and improved employee satisfaction.


Collaborating with organizations seeking to enhance their return-to-work strategy, we offer a dynamic solution that involves the creation of a temporary intervention within their office space. This intervention is strategically designed to expedite the process of reconnecting employees and fostering a sense of community after prolonged periods of remote work. By introducing interactive installations, collaborative workstations, and dedicated breakout areas, we facilitate organic interactions and rejuvenate team dynamics. Our approach not only accelerates the process of connection but also generates a renewed enthusiasm for in-person collaboration, which is essential for a successful return to the office. Through this customized intervention, we empower organizations to navigate the complexities of reintegration with innovation and efficiency.

Who we've worked with

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About Us

Since 2015, we have been cultivating unique expertise in crafting solutions that prioritize not only professional success but also well-being. Our innovative approach takes into account the delicate balance of hybrid work models, ensuring that teams remain cohesive regardless of their physical location. Moreover, our commitment to accelerating creativity further distinguishes us in the realm of workplace transformation. We stand as a testament to the future of work, dedicated to guiding organizations through seamless transitions and creating environments where collaboration, well-being and inventive thinking thrive in harmony.

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